8 Jan 2015

Sephora Lustrous Lip Shine In Shade "Berry Glow" Review~

Sephora Lustrous Lip Shine In Berry Glow Review~

Hello Guys :D
So today iam going to do my first review of 2015.Yes you all heard right today iam going to review sephora lustrous lip shine in shade Berry glow.

I dont know if this is still available in sephora but i wanted to review this just because i love its shade and pigmentation.It surely is a small gem for me :)

Sephora Metallic Glow Lip Shine in Berry Glow.

This lip shine comes in a tube like bottle and it is of good quality so packaging is not bad for the price and its applicator Is so soft and velvety and it applys the gloss perfectly and softly but sometime it takes out alot of product.So this packaging is pretty classy and of good quality.

When i bought this from sephora so i was not happy with its shade as it looked very boring from the packaging but later on i swatched it in my hand and it was such a gorgeous shade.I fell in love with it so afterwards it became my fav :D It is of berry-ish shade and it has metallic finish in it and this gloss contains amazing pigmentation and it aso contains small amount of shine.There are not any glittery chunks in it but a beautiful shine.

Swatch of Sephora Lip Shine in shade berry glow.

This swatch looks totally different from the first swatch because when i was swatching the product at first so alot of formula came on its applicator so this colour formes when we apply alot of product on our lips.I apply alot of product  on my lips sometime just to achieve this beautiful berry-ish colour.

Sephora lip shine in berry glow swatch in sunlight.

#My Verdict:
This lip shine by sephora has amazing pigmentation although i didnt expected it to be that great and it is also moisturizing so we dont have to apply any lipbalm before applying this gloss and it has a metallic glow in it which won my heart and it also have an amazing shine in it.Iam not a glossy person and i dont like glosses so i dont purchase them that often so i wasnt expecting anything from it but it turned out ah-amazing so now it have became my fav gloss ever so now iam having mixed thoughts about glosses well lets come to the point so yeah this lip shine stays for a long time which is a plus point and it applys smoothly on lips and little product is enough on lips until and unless you dont want that much colour on your lips but the only problem i have with this lip shine is that this colour looks different under different lights.Well i must say sephora is doing wonders nowadays and now iam pretty happy with this company as i contain alot of products from this brand and they never fail to aww me.I so love this brand from bottom of my heart.haha.

I will suggest this product to all those girls who have fairer skin tone and are bold enough to wear this shade and i must say that this gloss dont suit dark skin tones which is a minus point.

This is how it looks on me.It suits me pretty well :)

#Price and Avaibility:
I bought this product from sephora sale randomnly for $8 only and it is not available in sephora nowadays sadly.This may be available in your nearest sephora outlet so you guys should check.

1) Pigmentation.
2) Colour.
3) metallic finish and it contains subtle shine in it.
4) Moisturizing.
5) applys smoothly.
5) long lasting.
6) Reasonable price.
7) Velvety applicator.
8) Classy packaging.

1) Not available in sephora currently.
2) you are not bold enough to wear this berry-ish shade.
3) You dont like berry colours.
4) Applicators take out alot of product sometimes.
5) Have dark skin tones and this shade dont suits you well.
6) You are not a fan of metallic finishes.

|RATE| = 4.5/5.

Surely a gem for me :) 

Hope you like my review and stay tuned as iam currently working on the following posts:
* Sephora haul post.
* MAC prabal gurung collection haul post and introduction.
* Review on NYC blush.
*Bath & Body works & Victoria secret haul post.
* Review on Maybelline vivid lipsticks.
*Mac candy yum yum dupes.

Till then bye :) 
much love,Anna :) 


  1. This color is so beautiful and your are rocking it :)

    1. Colour is Gorgeous and Thankyou so much love :)

  2. such a pretty shade :)

  3. So want a berry shade in my stash! Looks very pretty. :)

    ๑ Divine Smudge ๑

    1. It is a must have :) Such an gorgeous shade and Thankyou so much dear :)

  4. This is such a gorgeous berry shade.. You look lovely :)

    1. Indeed it is and Thankyou so much dear :)

  5. I love that it is quite pigmented and is a perfect shade for this time of the year.

    1. I love it too and it seems a perfect shade for this time of year :) And Thankyou so much love :)

  6. That's such a striking berry. Lovely!

    1. Yes it is :D and Thankyou so much sweets :)

  7. My, It is amazingly pigmented. Nice review. :)

    1. It is damn pigmented :) and Thankyou so much love :)

  8. This is indeed a gorgeous shade and looks amazing on you Anna! <3 . <3

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  9. The shade looks amazing on you mashAllah ! Need to try these out =D. Great review.
    Much love xx


  10. I love the colours!!! Beautiful! I am one of those shy ones when it comes to my lips, but the colours are gorgeous!

    1. Haha.Indeed it is such a gorgeous colour :) And Thankyou so much sweets :)

  11. Looks super lovely on you love! xx

  12. Beautiful shade! I love berry shades :)

    1. It is such a gorgeous shade indeed :) and Thankyouu so much :)

  13. This shade really suits you! Such a pretty berry colour. I love how pigmented this gloss is! Really gorgeous blog you have here! xo

    1. Thankyouu so much love :* your comment made my day :)

  14. What a great review! I just want to buy this lipgloss after reading your blog post. Thank you!


    1. You really should try it :) Iam sure you will love it and Thankyou so much sweets :*