25 Jul 2014

Orglow Face Mask Review

ORGLOW Pakistan Face Mask Review :)

Hey girls :)
Today iam going to review the much hyped Orglow face mask :)
I tried This mask 2 times and i can see a glowy change on my face and neck :)
This mask is a perfect face mask for all brides and for all teenage girls :) This mask makes skin glowy and white :)
Read more to see some disadvantages and advantages of this product :)

Well girls you all must be wondering that why this mask jar is covered in white tape ? thats because when the mask arrived so the some part of jar was broken although i got my mask via tcs but in this whole issue there wasnt any fault of orglow pakistan :) it was tcs who messed up this thing well thank God that only some of the product was leaked in the packet which i used it later haha :) well thanks to my mom that she covered the mask with heavy white tape and then my jar was good as before (not exactly like before, haha) but i would like to suggest orglow that please send your mask in bubblewrap next time :)

Orglow mask from inside :)

#Some little Information about Orglow Pakistan==

Orglow is Brightness+Tightness+Whiteness face mask which is Produced by Salina Cosmetics and this mask is organic mask which lead in no side effect and this mask is made in pakistan.

# How to use this mask ==

1st step = Take 1 spoon of orglow mask in a bowl [although i used 2 spoons].

2nd Step = Put 1 spoon of Yogurt in the mask but i have used 1 spoon of milk instead and trust me that did same amazing same thing which yogurt would do :)
{If you have Dry skin so use 2 drops of glycerine}
{If you have Oily skin so use 2 drops of Rose Water}
Well as i have Oily-Combination skin these days so i used 2 drops of rose water too.

3rd Step = Mix it nicely and then a thick paste would be formed.

Then Apply it in your face and neck gently and then wash your face after 20-25 minutes and make sure you dont rub this mask on your face while washing.Take this mask out gently while washing it :)

Then you will have Wight glowy skin :) isnt that amazingg??

#Some Before and After photos =

Before applying the mask=

After using this mask=

{NOTE = I have captured these photos in natural light so there isnt any filter and if anyone used any bad words for these personal photos so i will block them rightaway}

My Thought and experience with this product=

I enjoyed using this mask and trust me that after using this mask my skin is soft , white and glowy and it seems like that i have applied a magic potion on my face haha believe me or not but this product contains magic with it haha but the only thing i didnt liked was fragrance . i dont know why but the fragrance was really off puting well it didnt bother me that much and i love the fact that this product is organic so that young teenage girls like me can use it without facing any side effect or issues :) I recommend this Mask to every girl out there searching for a good mask but this mask would be more good if Orglow can make some good changes in the packaging of this and they should use more good plastic for this jar so that it cant broke easily.

Me after using orglow mask.


From Where To Purchase This Mask=

You can order this mask online through Orglow pakistan facebook page and this mask jar costs for PKR 850 [$8.50].

Ratings : 4.5/5
(i would have given 5 but i have minus .5 because of packaging and fragrance)

•Make skin White and Glowy
•It does what it claims
•Easy to use
•Organic mask

•Fragrance is bit off puting.
•Packaging may seem bit cheap.

Thankyou for reading my review and do comment and share your thoughts :)

{Disclaimer= This is a pr/sample post and my review is 100% honest towards my readers}

22 Jul 2014

Review Of Smacker LipBalm In Bubble Gum Flavour.

Smacker lip balm in bubble gum flavour~~

Hey Gorgeous Girls :)
Today i will review smacker lip balm in bubble gum flavour :)

Smacker lip Balm in Bubble gum.

What I Expected From This : I expected that this lip balm fragrance would be sweet like bubble gum and i expected this lip balm to give some colour while applying and i expected that this lip balm would be of dark pink colour from inside like its own packaging and i expected this lipbalm to give good moisturizing to lips but my expectations were too high for this little product and i thought that this product would do wonders on my lips but it didnt did any wonders this product did some disappointments. atleast it did something haha.

After smelling this lipbalm i was like "What The Hell" this product was supposed to smell like bubblegum but it smelled like "VIX"

Swatches =

My Thoughts And The Reality : 
This product smells like vix which we use in flu mostly which i hate the most about this lip balm. The secound thing that this lipbalm doesnt give any colour on lips , it give transparent colour to lips and the inside of the balm is of light pink colour which is a little disappointment for me as i thought that the inner part of this lip balm would be of dark baby pink colour like its packaging and this lip balm do moisturize lips nicely but not that nicely that i expected it to be and i like its packaging its too girly and this lip balm comes in tube which i like cause it is easy to apply and i mostly apply this lipbalm before applying lipstick and for that purpose it is good.

=I ordered this lip balm from just4girls.pk for PKR 220 ($2).

=Made in Uk.

=Ratings : 2/5

Pros =
1) Packaging
2) Reasonable
3) Great for applying before lipstick.

Cons =
1) Inner of this lip balm tube is of light pink colour as it should be of baby dark pink colour like its packaging.
2) Give no colour to lips while applying.
3) Fragrance.
4) Dont moisturize lips that nicely.

well thanks for reading my review and do comment and share your thoughts on this product :) 

Disclaimer : My review is 100% honest and i have shared my honest experianced with you all and maybe your experianced would be different than mine.

Neon Post With A Clutch Review~


Hey Gorgeous Girls :)
 Now iam finally back to blogging so today iam going to do a fun neon  post with a beautiful neon pink clutch review :)
Iam a neon lover :) i love everything neonyyy :D
Let me show you girls some of my neon collection :)

My neon jewellery :D

Neon colours beads and threads bracelate :)

Close up of my neon bracelate :)

= 1 bought this bracelate from outfitters a while back for PKR = 500 [$5]

Neon Bracelate 

Neon Green Studded Bracelate.

Close up of neon bracelate :)

= I bought this bracelate from outfitters for PKR 350 in sale [$3.50]

Neon Pink Thread And Chain Necklace With Neon Ball Beads In Between :)

=I bought this necklace from outfitters for PKR=595 [$6].

Neon Pink Pumps 

p.s sorry for bad lightning and this pumps in real look like Neon pink pumps but in picture the pumps look like dull pink colour.

=I Bought these pumps from outfitters 3 weeks back for PKR 900 in sale they were in 50% off [$9].

Close Up Of My Neon Pink Pumps.

My Neon Pink Clutch.

Now lets come to clutch review~ :))

Neon Pink Ring Clutch:)

This clutch comes with golden chain And this clutch is very easy to handle :)

Inside view of Neon clutch :)

I love the way that this clutch is of pink neon colour from insisde too :) Insnt that amazing and pretty cute ? :)

I bought this clutch from outfitters last eid which is a while too back but still iam reviewing this clutch because its too cute and pretty :) i bought this for PKR 1325 in 30% off sale [$13.25].
Well thankyou for stopping buy and reading my review and my neon post :)

hope you all like my Small review on this clutch and hope you all liked my neon post :)

Do comment and tell me which thing you like the most from my neon collection ?