22 Jul 2014

Neon Post With A Clutch Review~


Hey Gorgeous Girls :)
 Now iam finally back to blogging so today iam going to do a fun neon  post with a beautiful neon pink clutch review :)
Iam a neon lover :) i love everything neonyyy :D
Let me show you girls some of my neon collection :)

My neon jewellery :D

Neon colours beads and threads bracelate :)

Close up of my neon bracelate :)

= 1 bought this bracelate from outfitters a while back for PKR = 500 [$5]

Neon Bracelate 

Neon Green Studded Bracelate.

Close up of neon bracelate :)

= I bought this bracelate from outfitters for PKR 350 in sale [$3.50]

Neon Pink Thread And Chain Necklace With Neon Ball Beads In Between :)

=I bought this necklace from outfitters for PKR=595 [$6].

Neon Pink Pumps 

p.s sorry for bad lightning and this pumps in real look like Neon pink pumps but in picture the pumps look like dull pink colour.

=I Bought these pumps from outfitters 3 weeks back for PKR 900 in sale they were in 50% off [$9].

Close Up Of My Neon Pink Pumps.

My Neon Pink Clutch.

Now lets come to clutch review~ :))

Neon Pink Ring Clutch:)

This clutch comes with golden chain And this clutch is very easy to handle :)

Inside view of Neon clutch :)

I love the way that this clutch is of pink neon colour from insisde too :) Insnt that amazing and pretty cute ? :)

I bought this clutch from outfitters last eid which is a while too back but still iam reviewing this clutch because its too cute and pretty :) i bought this for PKR 1325 in 30% off sale [$13.25].
Well thankyou for stopping buy and reading my review and my neon post :)

hope you all like my Small review on this clutch and hope you all liked my neon post :)

Do comment and tell me which thing you like the most from my neon collection ?