24 Jun 2015

Stargazer UV lipstick in shade Neon Magenta Review~


Hello Darling's 💋
I was away from my blog for a while due to my studies but now iam back on my track and finally iam outta my comfort zone.yayy.

So today iam going to review this gorgeous Stargazer UV lipstick in shade Neon Magenta.

So let's start with some pictures now 💋

So let's talk about packaging first.This lipstick comes in plastic like tube which in my point of view is of low quality.Well for the price the packaging is okay-ish.And this lipstick comes in a see through cap.And in my opinion this lipstick is travel friendly as the cap closes nicely so there is little or no option of this lipstick ruining your purse during travel.haha and a 'tick' sound come's when we close it's cap so yeah it is not risky to travel around with this.

You all must be thinking that how strange this lipstick shape is and would it be easy to apply lipstick with this applicator or not but trust me i find it more easy to apply lipstick in this shape than the normal shape's one although i also find it's shape a bit wierd and different but honestly i find it easy to apply.First of all i outline my lips with the edge of this lipstick and then fill my inner lips with the flat side so yeah my lipstick application is in point and perfect because of this shape so yeah i like it.

This lipstick is of neon pink colour which is a bit funky colour but it's pretty and i find it's shade a close dupe of MAC candy yum yum lipstick.And it's pure matt lipstick and if you know me very well so you all must be aware that iam a huge fan of matt lipsticks.

So yeah we are talking about the formula of this lipstick now 💋 In my point of view i expected much from this lipstick but to be honest i found it's formula drying and because of it's dryness it's hard to apply and it will give you chapped lips look if you apply this lipstick without any lipbalm and i didnt find this lipstick creamy at all unlike MAC so yeah i have to apply this lipstick couple of times to get the desire colour and to spread the whole lipstick on my lips so yeah you cant work with this lipstick if your lips arent propely moisturized.So yeah before applying this lipstick you should MUST apply lip balm underneath or else you wont be able to apply this lipstick without making your lips look chapped and cracked.And make sure you apply see through lipbalm so that the colour of this lipstick could be seen properly and yeah iam impressed with it's pigmentation.It's pigmentation is great but again because of lack of moisturization it's hard to apply.In my opinion this lipstick would be perfect only if it was less dry and a bit of creamy and moisturizing but if you've applied a lipbalm underneath so it aint gonna produce much problem.haha.And this lipstick stayed for 2 to 3 hours which is pretty good and in end it leaves a pinkish tint on your lips which is also not that bad  :) So yeah i found this lipstick pretty good if you apply with a lipbalm.

These swatches are done under different lightnings as mentioned : 

Swatch is done in natural light without any flash on bare skin.

This swatch is done in flash light in bare skin without any lipbalm.

This swatch is done in sunlight respectively.

#This following lip swatch is done without any application of lip balm underneath thats why my lips look chapped.

I got this lipstick from (beautyfied.pk) for PKR 525 ($5).So you can order this online through beautified.pk and i will be doing there store review soon so stay tuned 💋

Now let me tell you the pros and cons of this lipstick : 

1)Good pigmentation.
2)Lipstick shape makes lipstick application kinda easy for me.
3)Close dupe of candy yum yum.
4)Pure matt lipstick.
6)Travel friendly packaging.It's clap closes nicely so we can carry it around without any fear of it ruining our makeup purse.

#CONS : 
1)Dry formula.
2)Have to apply couple of times over lips to get desire colour or to spread the lipstick.
3)Not creamy at all.
4)It's must to apply lip balm underneath or else it will leave your lips looking chapped.
5)Low quality packaging.

Hope you all love my review and as i was away from
blogging for a good amount of time so i have missed alot of your posts so please leave your blog links below so that i could check out your blog posts and comment over there :)
Much love , Anna xoxo 💋

12 Feb 2015

Maybelline Clossal Kajal in shade black & turquoise review~


Hello loves :)
Today iam presenting review of my current fav kajals with all of you.Which are indeed available easily in pakistan.

Yes you all heard right,They are non others than Maybelline most famous clossal kajals in black & One of there newest shade Turquoise.Lets see thier pros & cons along with swatches :)

Maybelline clossal kajal in shade Black(top) and Turquoise(Below).
So now lets get started with the review :D 

Maybelline clossal kajal in shade Black.

Maybelline clossal kajal in shade black.

Maybelline clossal kajal in shade Turquoise.

Maybelline clossal kajal in shade black.

These clossal kajals come's in a tube like packaging and we have to twist these kajals from bottom to open them up and they have a good cap which dont open that easily so meanwhile they are travel friendly and you can throw them in your purse without worrying that they will open up themselfs.How good is that ? and they come packed in a yellow paper like packaging which is tacky and it can not be reused to store the kajal so i threwed it away as it was of no use so hence i cant take picture of it and meanwhile when we close the cap so a click sound comes so we have to take care while closing cause if we dont close it nicely so they can  open up themselfs and can riun your makeup bag or purse/bag And yeah the quantity of these kajal is alot and they are very long so they can mainly stay with you for lifetime only if they dont break which they tend to.

They were much hyped among alot of beauty bloggers so i was excited to try these out too and i guess that am late from reviewing these as every blogger have mainly reviewed these already but still better to be late than never.
And i must say that iam amazed about there pigmentation.its ahmazingg.And they are so soft that they glide easily and are opaque in first swipe so less wastage of product and the thing i love the most about these kajals is that they can be applied easily.Well as they are damn soft so they can broke easily so you have to take alot of care while applying them and this is the only thing i hate the most about these.And yes the most ahmazing thing about these kajals is that they stay for alot of time even in this pakistan's humid and hot climate they stay in place and dont make your eyes look like someone have punched you in eye as most of kajals come off and make your eye look like someone have punched you.haha.So yeah they last long! :)

Maybelline clossal kajal in shade black & Turquoise.

As these kajals are damn soft so they can break easily so you have to open a small amount of kajal to help them dont break.I broke my blacked kajal twice.Once while applying as i was in hurry and once while taking inside photos of it :(.


These swatches are applied whithout any usage of primer or foundation e.t.c.

Let me show you swatches of TURQUOISE first =

=These swatches are taken in natural light whitout any usage of flash or filter.
=It's shade is of blue and green colour and have minimum glitter in it which is decent and it can also be applied as eye liner.

Now let me show you swatches of BLACK shade  =

=Swatches are taken in natural light without any flash or filter.
=This kajal is not jet black at first swatch so we have to apply it twice to get that sexy jet black colour but i dont mind to apply it once only as first swatch dont looks that bad.

=This is how it looks under flashlight and i havent used any filter to enhance its colour or beauty.

These kajals are available at Scentsation,Aghaz and other major beauty leading stores but make sure you buy it from a good and original cosmetics shop as they are available everywhere locally for lesser price and they are totally fake.The black one retail for PKR 365 but now the 12 hour one is available for PKR 300 ($3) so get that one and That Turquoise 12 hour liner is available for PKR 300 too ($12).

=PROS : 
•Glides Easily.
•Travel Friendly.
•Opaque at first swatch.
•Turquoise one contains decent amount of glitter.

=CONS : 
•Breaks easily.
•Tacky packaging.
•Black one isnt jet black at first swatch.

|RATING| : 4/5 

Hope you all like my review and do comment below and tell your views about my review ? and which post you would like to see next on my blog ? :) Till then bye :)

Love you all :* muah muah :*

24 Jan 2015

Essence Home Sweet Home Blush in Shade Wool-D You Cuddle Me? Review~

Hey Guys :) 

Some time back Essence launched one of thier cutest and most adorable collection named HOME SWEET HOME :D and thier blushes were so adorable and so reasonable that they were to die for and I love love love thier blush and I also got one for myself so today iam going to review that 
blush :) 

=Packaging : 
This blush comes in a big pan and in my point of view it is travel friendly as the cap closes tightly and a 'click' voice comes when we close it so it wont open while traveling but we should wrap it nicely when traveling from air as it might get damage.And This blush contains alot of quantity so it wont get finish that easily.And This blush design is like a woolen sweater which looks so vintage and super cute :) A big clap for this blush design :)

Now Lets come to my review and swatches.

My View : 
This blush pigmentation is not that good and pigmented as i thought it would be and you need to apply this blush couple of times to get desire colour but it is good when we want something natural and light on our face and i love to apply light blushes but not that light. so i liked it but i hate the fact that we have to apply couple of times to get desire blush.I wish if essence had given this blush good  pigmentation that much they gave that miami blush.Lets come to this blush texture.This blush is so soft and it applys smoothly like a dream and i was amazed to see no fallout on the pan and it has buttery soft texture which is love and it blends ahmazingly on my skin.So overall this blush is a good buy and i liked the fact that it isnt powdery which most of essence blushes are but it isnt a good buy for dark skined tone girls as this blush is light so it wont apper on there skin tones.

Now lets come to swatches :D

=NOTE : Swatches are taken in natural light without any flash and i havent applied any primer or foundation beneath them and it may appear differently on different skin tones so keep your facts to yourself :) Thankyou :) 


This is how it looks when blend together.It gives a nice coral colour.

=Price & Avaibility : 
This was a limited addition collection so am not sure if it would be available but still you should check your nearest stores as they may restock it.I bought it from just4girls.pk for PKR 440 ($4).

=RATINGS : 3.85/5. A GOOD BUY :) 

1) No fallout on pan.
2) Buttery smooth texture.
3) Blends like a dream.
4) Super cute design.
5) Packaging.
6) Reasonable.
7) Quantity.
8) Love for those who like to apply light coral blushes.

1) Have to apply couple of times to get desire colour.
2) Lacks in pigmentation.
3) Light Colour blush.
4) Limited addition.
5) Wont show up on dark skin tone girls.

So hope you all like my review and do leave your lovely comments below :)

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16 Jan 2015

Sephora Haul Post 2015


Hello loves :)
So today iam going to do my much awaited sephora haul post.some of these products were bought in of 2014 while some were bought now :)

I got all these things from  sephora.com directly as pages charge hell alot when we pre order from them.

Well without wasting any time lets hop on to the items i bought from sephora.

Well enough with the pictures of sephora bags.haha.Now let me show you all the things i bought from them :) 

1) Urban Decay NAKED 3.Bought this from sephora.ca for $64 but it is available in sephora.com for $54.

2) Hourglass Ambient lighting blush in shade Radiant Magenta for $44 from sephora.ca and it costs for $35 in sephora.com.

3) Sephora Rouge Shine lipstick in shade Make Me Famous-Shimmer.Bought it for $15 from sephora.ca and it costs for $12 in sephora.com.

4) Sephora Beauty blender.I bought it from sephora.ca for $15.

5) Original Beautyblender.Bought it from sephora.ca for $24 and it costs for $17.95 in sephora.com.

6) Sephora Draw the Line holiday set.Bought it from sephora.ca for $37 and it costs for $30 in sephora.com.

7) Sephora Kiss me balm in shade hot pink.Bought from sephora.ca for $10.

8) Too Faced Melted liquid lipstick in shade Melted Fuchsia.Bought from sephora.ca for $26 and it costs for $21 in sephora.com.

9) Hello Kitty Colour balms set.Bought it on 50% off for $13 and its real cost was $26 in sephora.ca.

10) Tocca Black friday set.Bought it during sephora blackfriday deals for $12 from sephora.ca and it costs for $10 in sephora.com.

11) Blinc Mascara blackfriday set.Got it for $12 and it costs for $10 in sephora.com.

12) Tony Moly bbo bbo lip balm in honey. Bought it from sephora.ca for $12 and it costs for $9 in sephora.com.

13) Ciate Nail polish blackfriday set.Got it for $12 from sephora.ca and it costs for $10 in sephora.com.

14) Sephora Shimmer lipstick.Bought it for $15 from sephora.ca and it costs for $12 in sephora.com.

15) Bite Lipstick Duo.Got this for $15 from sephora.ca.

16) Lipstick sample bag.Got this for free from sephora :) 

Hope you all like my post and do comment below and tell me that which thing review you all want to see in my next post :) ? 

Till then much love,Anna :)