24 Jun 2015

Stargazer UV lipstick in shade Neon Magenta Review~


Hello Darling's 💋
I was away from my blog for a while due to my studies but now iam back on my track and finally iam outta my comfort zone.yayy.

So today iam going to review this gorgeous Stargazer UV lipstick in shade Neon Magenta.

So let's start with some pictures now 💋

So let's talk about packaging first.This lipstick comes in plastic like tube which in my point of view is of low quality.Well for the price the packaging is okay-ish.And this lipstick comes in a see through cap.And in my opinion this lipstick is travel friendly as the cap closes nicely so there is little or no option of this lipstick ruining your purse during travel.haha and a 'tick' sound come's when we close it's cap so yeah it is not risky to travel around with this.

You all must be thinking that how strange this lipstick shape is and would it be easy to apply lipstick with this applicator or not but trust me i find it more easy to apply lipstick in this shape than the normal shape's one although i also find it's shape a bit wierd and different but honestly i find it easy to apply.First of all i outline my lips with the edge of this lipstick and then fill my inner lips with the flat side so yeah my lipstick application is in point and perfect because of this shape so yeah i like it.

This lipstick is of neon pink colour which is a bit funky colour but it's pretty and i find it's shade a close dupe of MAC candy yum yum lipstick.And it's pure matt lipstick and if you know me very well so you all must be aware that iam a huge fan of matt lipsticks.

So yeah we are talking about the formula of this lipstick now 💋 In my point of view i expected much from this lipstick but to be honest i found it's formula drying and because of it's dryness it's hard to apply and it will give you chapped lips look if you apply this lipstick without any lipbalm and i didnt find this lipstick creamy at all unlike MAC so yeah i have to apply this lipstick couple of times to get the desire colour and to spread the whole lipstick on my lips so yeah you cant work with this lipstick if your lips arent propely moisturized.So yeah before applying this lipstick you should MUST apply lip balm underneath or else you wont be able to apply this lipstick without making your lips look chapped and cracked.And make sure you apply see through lipbalm so that the colour of this lipstick could be seen properly and yeah iam impressed with it's pigmentation.It's pigmentation is great but again because of lack of moisturization it's hard to apply.In my opinion this lipstick would be perfect only if it was less dry and a bit of creamy and moisturizing but if you've applied a lipbalm underneath so it aint gonna produce much problem.haha.And this lipstick stayed for 2 to 3 hours which is pretty good and in end it leaves a pinkish tint on your lips which is also not that bad  :) So yeah i found this lipstick pretty good if you apply with a lipbalm.

These swatches are done under different lightnings as mentioned : 

Swatch is done in natural light without any flash on bare skin.

This swatch is done in flash light in bare skin without any lipbalm.

This swatch is done in sunlight respectively.

#This following lip swatch is done without any application of lip balm underneath thats why my lips look chapped.

I got this lipstick from (beautyfied.pk) for PKR 525 ($5).So you can order this online through beautified.pk and i will be doing there store review soon so stay tuned 💋

Now let me tell you the pros and cons of this lipstick : 

1)Good pigmentation.
2)Lipstick shape makes lipstick application kinda easy for me.
3)Close dupe of candy yum yum.
4)Pure matt lipstick.
6)Travel friendly packaging.It's clap closes nicely so we can carry it around without any fear of it ruining our makeup purse.

#CONS : 
1)Dry formula.
2)Have to apply couple of times over lips to get desire colour or to spread the lipstick.
3)Not creamy at all.
4)It's must to apply lip balm underneath or else it will leave your lips looking chapped.
5)Low quality packaging.

Hope you all love my review and as i was away from
blogging for a good amount of time so i have missed alot of your posts so please leave your blog links below so that i could check out your blog posts and comment over there :)
Much love , Anna xoxo 💋