3 Nov 2014

Fragrance Haul~


Hello girls :) 
I was wanting to do a huge huge haul post but because of my studies i wasnt able to do it well i will do it in a week or two but for now iam doing my fragrance haul post which will be featuring my
*Body Sprays.
*Body mist.
Hope you all will like it :)

Now let's start with perfumes :D

Bourjois Glamour Excessive Eau De Parfum~

How adorable is the packaging of this bottle? I simply love it :) 
This perfume comes in 2 sizes.one in small which costs for 1350 and the bigger one costs for 1600.I bought the bigger one. 

Price and Avaibility.
This Bourjois Perfume costs for PKR 1600 ($16).I bought This from "Scentsation" you can also buy it from there or Debenhams or you can also order online from "beautyarena.pk".

Junaid Jamshed Ruby Eau De parfum~

Junaid Jamshed Citrine Eau De Parfum~

Junaid Jamshed Emerald Eau De Parfum~ 

Junaid Jamshed Topaz Eau De Parfum~

Junaid Jamshed Sapphire Eau De Parfum~

Junaid jamshed launched these 5 small perfumes named:
They were hyped among bloggers and if you are in instagram so you must have seen nearly every blogger posting photos of these perfumes even i posted some photos of these as they are so cute to ignore :) 
I loved these perfumes so much that i grabbed all 5 :) now i can die in peace haha.

Price and Avaibility?
Each one costs for PKR 585 ($6).You can get these directly from Junaid Jamshed outlet.

Uroosa Eau de parfum~

I Adore its packaging :) it's so pretty and that diamond on the top makes this whole perfume packaging Even more gorgeous and i love its smell too :) It's so good :) I just Love it :)

Price and Avaibility ?
I bought this from junaid jamshed in 25% off sale for 1300 something ($13 something).

Victoria Secret Angela only eau de parfum Rollerball.

Price and Avaiibility.
I dont know its price as i got this as a gift from my sister :) She bought it directly from victoria secret outlet in canada.

Iam loving this rollerball smell so much that now iam considering to buy this one in bigger size :) 

Disney cartoon small perfume.

Price and Avaibility :
I bought this from scentsation for PKR 350.You can buy this from scentsation or Debenhams or Farids Pharmacy shop at Dolmen mall , Clifton .

Now lets come too bodysprays

Junaid Jamshed Body spray in Senses 

You all must be thinking that i got addicted with junaid jamshed fragrances and its true i really got addicted with there fragrances as they never fail to impress me and there lasting fragrances make me love them even more :) I love there body sprays :) I cant walk outside my mom without applying these ;) they have been staple in my everyday life :) 

Junaid Jamshed Body spray in Fresh

Junaid Jamshed Bodyspray in Surprise me.

Junaid Jamshed Bodyspray in Forever.

Junaid Jamshed Bodyspray in Colors.

Junaid Jamshed launched these bodysprays in five fragrances which are :
*Surprise me
as usual i cant stop myself from buying all 5 and i bought all 5 and i love that beautiful detailing in every bodyspray bottle.

Price and Avaibility.
Each costs for PKR 485 and you can buy these from Your nearest junaid jamshed outlet.

Now lets come to bodymists

Bath And Body Works Shimmer mist in Twilight Woods.

I love love love this shimmer mist :) It's Awesome :) 

Price and avaibility.
These costs for ($14) each.You can buy these from bath and body works outlet or from online bath and body works site and the one residing in pakistan they can order these online from facebook pages like (Amor or Shopaholic).

Victoria secret Fragrance Mist in Freesia & Mandarin.

Price and Avaibility.
I bought this from Scentsation for PKR 1250.You can buy this from scentsation or you can order online from facebook pages like (Shopaholic or Rouge).People residing outside the pakistan can buy this directly from Victoria secret outlet.

This was all about my Fragrance haul :) Hope you guys like it and now iam working on my huge huge haul post so stay tuned for that as you dont wanna miss it :)

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Do comment and tell me your views :) 

Till then bye bye :)
See you soon :)


  1. This is really huge haul, lovely picks though :)

    1. Thankyou so much zubia :) that means alot to me :) xx

  2. lovely haul dear :) I have uroosa from j.j and its my daily go to perfume <3

    1. Thankyou so much sorath :) recently it is also my daily go to perfume :)

  3. I really didn't know that JJ Perfumes would be so cheap :O I thought those must be in thousands like other perfumes!! :O

    1. at first i thought the same but then when i asked price of these from some bloggers so i was amazed :)

  4. I love J.J body sprays and the bath n body works mists. Great haul.

    1. I love those too :) and thankyou so much kiran :) xx

  5. Wao so many fragrances. Want to try junaid jamshed collection havenot tried yet.

    1. Thankyou so much and you should really try jj perfumes :) they are so good for the price and nowadays there sale is going on so u should take a look at them :)

  6. The disney one is soooo adorable! <3

    1. it is ^_^ and thankyouu so much jaybee for stopping by :)

  7. wow great post which reminds me i have also bought tons of perfumes this month which i forgot to share ....

    1. Aww :) do share your haul post on them i would love to see your picks :) And thankyou so much :)

  8. I grabbed those cute Junaid Jamshed fragrances too, my favorite being Topaz! That's one amazing fragrance haul! :)

    1. I liked topaz too :) it was amazing and thankyou so much darling for your kind words :)

  9. I'm so tempted to go on a shopping spree too now!! The J.Js one are all the rage these days! <3 x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. Thankyou so much jadirah for your kind words :) Do shop and share your haul post :D yeah jj were/are rage these days :)

  10. Wow! That was a huge haul. I didn't know J. had body sprays too.......

  11. wow nice haul.I have never tried junaid jamshed fragrances but the bottles are teally tempting.will definitely try this home grown brand soon

    1. I love there packaging :) They are so tempting :) and i must say that this home grown brand did good work with fragrances and thankyou so much love :)

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