8 Sep 2014

Bath & Body Works Carnival Collection Senitizer set Review~

Bath & Body Works Carnival collection set~

Hiya Girls :)
Today iam going to review the most yummiest sanitizer set known as B&W "Carnival Collection Set" And i was planning to do a huge huge haul post but it would take some time so stay tuned for that :)

Back to the time when bath and body works launched thier carnival collection sanitizer set so it looked so yummy and tempting that i promised to myself that I have to get this!Yes I have to Get this!haha.
Well than i searched alot of online pages & store but didnt found any set available instock for Cash on home delivery well than i came upon this FaceBook page called "Shopaholic" Who had this set for cash on home delivery so i messaged them imidiately about this set but the price they quoted me was PKR : 1450 ($14.50) and it looked really expensive to me as the original price of this set was only ($5) well the owner was so sweet to give me some discount and she was giving me that set for PKR : 1250 ($12.50) but as this set was limited edition and i didnt wanted to leave it so i got it :)

I got my Order in just 3 days which is beyound amazing and the owner was so sweet to send me 2 free samples with my order and thier proffesional attitude just wowed me :) so i recommend this page to everyone but thier prices are bit off-putting.

So now lets come to review :)

Bath and body works carnival collection set~

What is this set?
It's a limited edition Set by bath and body works and this set contains 5 delicious sanitizers and this set only costs for ($5).

What does this set contains?
This set contains 5 yummy sanitizers.
1) Cotton Candy Bliss~
2) Strawberry Cheesecake~
3) Ice-cream dream~
4) Kettle corn pop~
5) Strawberry parfait~

Now lets come to these sanitizers individiual review :)

Cotton Candy Bliss~

Cotton candy bliss is a sweet and yummy flavoured sanitizer.It's colour is so girly and pinky that i just want to eat this and the bottle itself is very cute and travel friendly and the thing which excites me most about this foundation is the cute cotton candy picture on the bottle.

When i applied this sanitizer so it was so smooth and the smell was so sweet and light like candy and when i applied this so i remebered the time when i used to eat alot of cotton candy in pink colour with my cousins.I wish if those times could come back and i can be a little child again without any tensions.So overall this sanitizer sometimes can bring some memories too.haha

So i would give this sanitizer 5/5 rating (:

Strawberry Cheesecake~

One of my most favourate sanitizer from this collection :)

and can you all spot glitter in it? this glitter was so hard to capture but after making some efforts i finally captured it.I just adore this sanitizer packaging including that cute golden cap and yummylicious cake photo on bottle .This sanitizer is of red colour with alot of glitter chunks in it so this is another reason of my love for this sanitizer.

Lets come to fragrance of this sanitizer= This sanitizer smells exactly like strawberry cheesecake which is heavenly yummylicious.This fragrance is so sweet and yummy like strawberry.I wish if bath and body works can also give free edible strawberry cheesecake with this sanitizer.hahaha.After applying this i was craving alot for strawberry cheesecake but i satisfied my cravings with strawberry's only.haha.

Caution: Do not apply this if you are on dieting cause you may crave and finish your dieting with something sweet.haha.

Ice Cream Dream~

This sanitizer make me drool over vanila ice-cream.
This sanitizer colour is like ice-cream so cool yet fantastic.
I just adore this minty blue colour and that cool feeling after applying this.The picture on the bottle says all about this sanitizer.haha.i love everything about this sanitizer.

This one smell's like ice cream so cool yet sweet and that cool feeling to this sanitizer makes me love it even more.

Caution:Dont smell this or apply this to heavely as you might crave for some vanila ice cream.haha

Kettle Corn pop~

This sanitizer did disappointed me.
The bottle and that pop corn sticker on the bottle is adorable and that yellow colour is also very good and it describes pop corn perfectly.

As you all know or might not know  that i just love sweet fragrances but not too sweet but this fragrance smelt alot like pop corn which indeed is good but i just dont like anything smelling sour and this sanitizer smelt too salty so i cant even smell this sanitizer over and over again and i might have problem applying it so i thought to give it to someone but i didnt want to break my set so this sanitizer is just resting in my cupboard.

Strawberry parfait~

This one is yet my another favourate from this set.I just love the colour and glitter sequence of this sanitizer.is'nt it pretty? Who would say no?.well This sanitizer packaging is also very adorable and cute and this one seems perfect to me ;)

I cant say if this one smells exactly like strawberry parfait as i havent tried strawberry parfait :((.But this one smell very sweet and yummy like strawberry moose (sorry if i mis/spelled it) Its smell is like strawberry and little bit like vanila.so i gotta admit that i loved this one more. :)

Now let me show you girls 2 sample which i got free with my order :)


Where to buy ?
I dont know if this set is still available as it was limited edition but you can get it from any online facebook store like "Shopaholic" and people living abroad can 
get this from Bath&Body works store or online from :
for ($5).

Thanks for stopping by and i hope that you all liked this yummy-licious review :) do leave your feedbacks in comment section below with your blog links so i can check back your blog :)

Love,Anna :)


  1. Geez....the price they charged you was a bit too expensive....
    Great review though :)

    1. I know :( but this set was too atractive to ignore.so i had to get it.
      And thankyou darling :)

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